Business News ‘Breitling Select’ Brings a Mysterious Program

From fashion to smartphones, from geeky gear to cars, subscription services have been all the rage lately, and Breitling has taken notice. The brand’s new service, Breitling Select, launched today in the U.S., allows program members to try out a Breitling or two before making a purchase. Breitling replica Select allows undecided buyers to try out up to three different models over the course of a year, after which they can choose one of the three models and purchase that watch at a special discount. 
The selection of watches available for subscription is limited to a collection of refurbished models that have been specially prepared for the program and that have been carefully maintained for the program. In addition, Breitling says that the Select collection includes many of the brand’s most popular replica watches.
As mentioned above, this type of model has been used in a variety of markets, with successes and many failures. In the case of Breitling Select, a program is essentially a loan-to-own option where the brand can tap into some refurbished inventory and hopefully transfer some of it to a qualified owner. While I find it quite expensive, like a game of “hearts and minds” I can see this appealing to a specific type of undecided buyer, or even just someone who wants to try out a watch without paying full price and bearing the burden of resale or depreciation.
That said, everyone’s calculations will be different, and the base annual fee for the first year will be a not-so-low $1988. I’ve owned entire Breitlings for much less, so you either need to see great personal value in the thrill of trying before you buy, or the eventual discount will need to absorb a large annual fee. Breitling’s website doesn’t describe the extent of the discount when users choose to make a purchase. Breitling br-087804
As a promotional program that seeks out and attracts a growing element of watch enthusiasts, I can totally see the value of replica Breitling. In addition, this specific investment in the program will put some pressure on the end customer, both to translate into sales and to keep Breitling ahead of the game in a highly competitive market.
Finally, apart from some third-party watch lending programs, Breitling is the first major brand to enter this field. And, as more and more traditional brands start to explore everything digital, I think we can expect more players to make similar moves. I still have some questions about insurance, damage, shipping, and ultimately discounts, but I think watch subscription programs have the potential to be quite effective.