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I am extremely impressed by how wonderful the construction and attention to detail that watches have. Looking under a jeweler’s loop comparing it to blown-up photos of originals, it is spot on. I’m sure if you handed it to a professional Rolex business, he could find out it is not genuine, but on my wrist and even in my hand, I cannot tell a difference. Chronograph works perfectly, pushers feel solid, time set moves the correct direction when turned, the mechanism is almost inaudible. Rotor for self-wind is rather quieter than my Miyota based replica. The second had at the 6 o’clock position sweeps and there is no shocking or skipping, so the mechanism is definitely running at 28,800 BPH, same as a real one. Feel of the mechanism is comparable with previous ETA 7780 movements I have dealt with in the past, so without opening the back to verify, I feel safe in my assertion that all feels like an ETA movement and not some clone. Remember, ETA bought out Valjoux, so this is the same movement, now produced under the ETA name. On the whole, I wear it with so much happiness and compliments and I never feel the need to spend so much money on an “original” one. I wish I could attach a picture as the packaging was solid and the watch well wrapped, beautiful once unwrapped. My second watch-buying from best replica watches and I am two for two happy purchases. So nice and trustful customer service, better than any other companies I deal with here in the states. I’m sure this will not be my last purchase.
Let me start by saying this product is so nice and with good looking and the customer service is incredible.
when I first got the watch it was a little large for my small wrists, I have since taken it to a few watch shops for size changes, none of which has been able to tell is an imitation, not even a shop that sells replica Rolex. The watch is stunning, and ticks amazingly. I did have a small problem with the bezels paint coming off one small part, I contacted the team and they sent one straight out to be no charge to end the issue, trustful customers’ service. I would recommend anyone looking to get one to stop looking here, this is the watch for you.
I’ve had the watch for about 4 months now, it has been to Japan and back to England with me putting up with extreme heat and the chill of England with no troubles at all, please if you are considering buying it, just do it, you will not retreat it!
wow, I’m so happy I made up my mind about this watch. It’s absolutely stunning! I have a real Sub no date that I love. But I think this watch is going to be my favorite. The craftsmanship is exceptional. Best of all is the black and blue ceramic bezel. It is everything I hoped it would be and more. If your thinking about getting one don’t hesitate your going to be extremely satisfied. As I am.
received the Datejust several weeks ago, and I am really very satisfied and so happy. I Have two real Rolex watches. One Datejust and one date with president bracelet. I gave the Datejust to my daughter and took the date in for services. The jeweler told me he would send the watch to Dallas for servicing and should be back within a few weeks and the cost for servicing would be 5 hundred dollars. I bought this one and put the date back in its box. After having worn a real Rolex for 25 years I know a Rolex watch. This Datejust I purchased from replica watches matches exactly my other two. I am lucky, I have to give my sincere thanks to cheap replica watches I will definitely be ordering more.