Rolex paul newman Daytona

Next to the replica Rolex submariner range, Rolex Paul Newman Daytona is the most well-known Rolex collection. the Rolex Daytona was inspired by racecar drivers and enthusiasts, most notably, iconic actor Paul Newman, who reportedly wore his Rolex Daytona every day from 1972 until his death in 2008. the story of Paul Newman Daytona is a bit convoluted and complex. but there is a simple fact — Rolex never officially called any watch the Paul Newman Daytona. 
For most watch fans, the paul Newman Daytona refers to the indeterminable nature of collecting. Paul Newman shows us how great the watch was. people today strive hard to predict what will become a collector’s item – and that is really hard to do. there are a few reasons for this, mostly due to its style and the movement. in the 1960s, automatic chronographs coming out on the market – and everyone wanted one. so this watch that had a reliable, but manually-wound chronograph wasn’t appealing. few Rolex replica watches have dials with this style and it was a unique design for the brand. today people generally agree that the look and feel of this race-themed dial is a classic. rolex watches
Rolex never made that many paul Newman Daytona watches as they didn’t sell well. this created rarity, which now translates into value. it was difficult at the time to guess that a watch that couldn’t sell as expected, but that is the way it actually goes. so if you are trying to predict what pieces today will go up in value? it isn’t always a bad idea to find nice, so the better idea is to try to get a Rolex first, you shall enjoy how the classic felt on your wrist.
today this Daytona model is among the most popular collectible Rolex watches worldwide. since they are very rare, this particular piece available with more and more images in the watch market.